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To 7 Reasons to Use Cloonan CPA Audit Serivces


Multi-Industry Experience

Our firm is experienced offering assurance services to organizations from a wide variety of industries. We are experienced in providing assurance services to companies in the energy, health care, and real estate industries. We have further competencies to offer assurance services for non-profits, start-ups, restaurants, and a variety of other industries.


Transparent Pricing

We provide our assurance clients with accurate pricing estimates in our assurance engagement proposals. We also provide regular reports to our clients on hours worked on the engagement and encourage dialogue throughout the engagement process.


Data Analytics

Our firm uses data analytical techniques and computer assisted audit techniques (CAATS) to increase the efficiency of our assurance work. Clients and interested third-parties will have greater assurance that our firm's assurance work will be of an extraordinary high quality.


Efficient Engagement Management

Our firm is dedicated to meeting all relevant work deadlines and excelling in communicating information and data needs to the client.


Remote location emphasis

While the amount of remote work performed varies from engagement to engagement, our firm is a leader in remote assurance work. We have experienced that increasing remote work tends to increase efficiency for both the client and our firm.


Quick Turnaround Time

For clients that need an assurance engagement completed in a time crunch, such as an engagement needed to get capital financing, our firm is able to work with clients to maximize the turnaround time without sacrificing the quality of our firm's work.


focus of adding value

Our firm is dedicated to embarking on assurance engagements with our mission of maximizing client and third party value. While always remaining within the scope of the engagement, we add additional value through our recommendations and training opportunities.

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