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Cost Segregation Studies

Many tax returns include depreciation of personal property such as equipment and furniture over the appropriate five or seven years. But many entities miss out on other available federal and state tax benefits by depreciating their entire investment in constructing a building or acquiring a building over 39 years. Such an omission can cost you thousands of dollars.

A cost segregation analysis identifies specific building-related assets that also qualify for shorter federal tax depreciation lives. Our firm works with businesses to ensure these opportunities are not missed.

A cost segregation study can lead to a substantial reduction in federal and state income taxes in the early years of a building’s life by accelerating tax depreciation deductions. As part of the cost segregation process, we calculate the net present value of the resulting increased cash flow over the life of the building to show you the most cost-saving option. Our conclusions are based on sound tax principles and supported by IRS regulations. 

Your business should consider obtaining a cost segregation study if you are:

  • Constructing a new building

  • Purchasing an existing building

  • Undergoing a renovation or expansion to a building

  • Constructing leasehold improvements


Cost segregation studies are one more way we work with you to grow and protect your assets.


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