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Photographer CPA Services

We offer expedient and efficient accounting and tax services to photographers of all sizes all across the United States. 

Our firm helps photography companies and solo photographers maximize their money and time by serving them in many ways, most commonly with the following five services:

1) Setting up and managing an accounting system that saves time, saves money, and possibly most importantly, provides the ability to make sound financial decisions.

2) Taking care of tax needs. Our firm can not only efficiently take care of any or all tax issues and work that photographers might have, but we can provide a detailed annual review to ensure compliance with all tax regulations.

3) Setting Up a Segment or Job Costing Systems. Our firm is experienced in setting up an accounting system that can easily and efficiently show how profitable each segment or job is to help photographers allocate their time and resources.

4) Maximizing Every Possible Tax Benefit - Whether it is a home office, the use of a personal car, or medical expenses, we can help photographers keep more of their hard earned money by helping maximize their legal tax deductions for their business.

5) Document Management - Through the use of our technical capabilities and online cloud accounting systems, photographers can have access to our firm's advice and work on a daily basis. By making sure clients are set up with an easy, efficient accounting system that allows them to easily keep track of all of their bills and invoices, we can reduce the time they spend managing their documents.

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