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Ten Apps to Help Optimize Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow Management Apps for Quickbooks

The ability to accurately forecast your future cash flow is vital for entrepreneurs and business managers to make sound decisions to move their companies towards their long term goals. There are many great software applications that businesses can use to effectively manager their cash flow. In this article, we will be highlighting the top ten apps available in the Quickbooks App Store that help businesses optimize their cash flow management. Our professionals here at Cloonan & Associates, PC have utilized these and other applications to help our business clients gain significant advantages in the market by optimizing their cash flow management.


Price: $50 a month; Free limited version available

Description: CashFlowTool is the #1 rated cash flow management app on the Quickbooks Marketplace which automatically syncs with QuickBooks and automatically creates a 6-month future cash flow forecast. You can view all your future projected cash inflows and outflows, view your cash flow by day, week and month and perform what-if scenarios (investment decisions, hiring decisions, equipment purchases, etc) to quickly see the impact on future cash flow. CashFlowTool also has a built-in anomaly detector to help you watch over your business, analyze your cash flow details, and alert you to the things that actually matter (unexpected bills, cash shortages, etc). KPI dashboards show your top business metrics and of course, you can share and export your forecast seamlessly into Excel. Cash flow management has never been easier to see and manage.

Cash Flow Frog

Price: $23 a month - Standard Version; $31 a month - Pro Version; Free limited version available

Description: Running a business is hard. Very hard. As a business owner, you have a million things on your mind. Cash flow planning shouldn't be one of them. Cash Flow Frog takes cash flow planning off your back. It integrates with your company's QuickBooks Online data, and it is always up-to-date. Use Cash Flow Frog to plan ahead, never get stuck with salaries or accounts payable you can't pay. Generate reports to your investors, collect accounts receivable more easily, and take a big step ahead towards a (financially) greener future.


Price: Medium Plan (Team of 3) - $69 per month; Large Plan (Team of 10) - $119 per month; Extra Large Plan (Team of 10) - $249 per month

Description: Float provides a quick and easy solution to cash flow forecasting. Gone are the days of spending hours every month trying to bring your spreadsheet up to date only for it to go out of date the next time you process a transaction. As Float automatically reads all of your bills, invoices and actuals in QBO, it provides you with an always up to date, accurate cash flow forecast in a matter of minutes.


Price: Startup Plan - $39 per month; Small Business Plan - $79 per month; Full Version - $149 per month, Free limited version available

Description: Businest uses artificial intelligence to sort through your numbers & determine which actions will have the biggest impact on bottom line & cash flow. Businest shows you how to fix it. Avoid nasty surprises. See the impact of every decision before you make it. Ask better questions, make better decisions & get better results. Get expert tips across sales, marketing, financials, & leadership aspects of your business.

ForwardAI Predict

Price: Free

Description: ForwardAI Predict integrates with QuickBooks Online to help put an end to your cash flow problems. The in-app cash flow forecasts create a picture of your current and future cash statuses projecting cash fluctuations before they happen, which are updated in near real-time. Through daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts up to 12 months in advance, cash flow calendars, and customizable what-if scenarios, ForwardAI Predict helps you visualize your business finances in clear, intuitive ways so you take action and reshape your cash flow.


Price: $49 per month

Description: With unique features that you can only find with Helm, your next question about cash flow forecasting will be as easy to answer as it is to navigate the seamless user interface. The number one reason small business owners are stressed and stay up at night: cash flow. Cash management and cash flow forecasting are an integral part of business success. Helm makes those processes easier, faster and more intuitive, for you and your clients.


Price: Essentials Plan - $200 per year; Pro Plan - $300 per year

Description: From Financial Modeling to Cash Management in a Single, Flexible Platform - Dryrun brings you automated software with unmatched flexibility. Gain clear, flexible and accurate forecasts in a fraction of the time spent in spreadsheets. Spend your precious time understanding your business and taking action. Model what ifs in minutes, manage your cash flow & monitor for shortfalls well ahead of time, all while building your forecasts with data from your QuickBooks Online account.


Price: Basics Plan - $299 per month; Pro Plan - $749 per month

Description: Clockwork learns from your transaction history to automatically build 5-year (monthly) financial projections and 52-week (weekly) cash flow forecasts tailored to your business, in real-time Forecast revenue, expenses, and cash flow with pinpoint accuracy, and save hours of manual work each month Add custom assumptions and build unlimited scenarios to answer all your "what-if" questions, and invite unlimited users to collaborate in real-time.


Price: $35 per month

Description: Futrli Predict is a world first: Prediction technology gives the power of a full finance team to any small business owner. This isn't just forecasting, this is running a predicted business. Find out what the hype is about! Futrli Advisor: Award-winning since 2014. There's a reason why Futrli Advisor has been the lynchpin for businesses that need regular reporting, raising finance, and growing year on year. Futrli Portfolio: For franchises, accounting firms and groups of organizations. Leverage the power of prediction technology across every business to profile future risk and identify areas ripe for growth.

Microsoft Excel

Price: Various Price Plans and Packages

Description: Microsoft Excel is capable of building cash flow management spreadsheets and forecasts. A savvy user can utilize the features of Excel to present clear forecast reports to decision makers.

Need help with your cash flow management?

Our professionals here and Cloonan & Associates, PC are experienced at successfully helping businesses build and manage their cash flow in a manner that propels them toward their goals and objectives. Please contact us to let us know how we can help you optimize your cash flow management!

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You should include Moolamore is a cutting-edge accounting app that provides real-time transaction data analysis, management, and projection. You can predict and estimate your company's future financial position using our cash flow forecasting tool.

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